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Top Tips for Maintaining Your AC

We all know how important our air conditioning system is, especially when it comes to keeping our homes cool and comfortable. But, just like any other piece of equipment in our homes, our AC needs a bit of love and care to keep it running at its best. So, let’s jump right in and explore some top tips to help you keep your AC running smoothly.

1. Remember Your Filters

Think of your AC’s filters as its personal bodyguards, protecting it from dust and debris. Over time, these filters can become clogged, forcing your AC to work overtime and reducing its efficiency. So, make it a point to clean or replace your filters regularly. Your AC (and your wallet) will surely appreciate it!

2. Give Your AC Unit Some Breathing Room

Your outdoor AC unit needs its space. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can build up around it, blocking airflow and making your system work harder than it should. So, put on those gardening gloves and make sure the area around your unit is clean and clear. It might seem like a small task, but it can make a world of difference!

3. Bring in the Experts

Even if you’re a fan of doing things yourself, it’s always a good idea to have your AC professionally maintained regularly. A trained technician can spot potential issues that might slip past you and carry out necessary repairs or adjustments. Plus, they can provide you with tailored advice on how to keep your AC in top shape.

4. Get with the Times

If you’re still fiddling with your thermostat manually, it might be time for an upgrade. A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust your home’s temperature, helping your AC work more efficiently. And let’s be honest, controlling your thermostat from your smartphone is pretty neat, right?

5. Keep an Eye on Your AC’s Age

AC systems aren’t immortal. If your AC is more than a decade old, it might not be as efficient as newer models. Brands like Carrier offer a variety of top-notch AC systems that can enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency. It might require an investment, but it’s one that can pay off in the long run.

Remember, taking care of your AC is always important, but it becomes even more crucial as we approach the summer season. The last thing you want is for your AC to give up on you on a scorching summer day. For more tips on getting your AC summer-ready, do check out our previous blog post, “How to Prepare Your AC for the Summer Season“.

And don’t forget, if you’re in Phoenix and need a hand with your AC maintenance, our Phoenix HVAC services team is just a call away. We’re experts at keeping AC systems in top shape, and we’d be more than happy to help you with yours.

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